At 2.30-4pm, Wednesday 22nd May, MPs will be debating the ethical and financial risks posed by fossil fuel companies to pension funds as the world moves towards net zero emissions.

This is a huge moment for the Divest Parliament campaign – and UK divestment movement as a whole – as our collective pressure has forced MPs to confront the elephant in the climate emergency room: fossil fuels.

To maximise the impact of this debate, it is vital that we get as many MPs in the room as possible. A debate full of engaged MPs will make an emphatic statement that Parliament is indeed serious about the climate crisis and is committed to divesting the MPs Pension Fund from fossil fuels. Such an action will encourage other pension funds to take similarly bold action.

Click here and @ your MP to tweet and ask them to attend the debate.

Not on Twitter? You can personalise below and send your MP a quick email asking to participate.

Subject: Westminster Hall Debate (May 22) on Fossil Fuel Divestment

Dear [name],

I’m writing to you as a resident of your constituency. I am concerned about the climate crisis  and Parliament’s support of the fossil fuel industry, including significant investments made by the Parliamentary Pension Fund in BP and Shell PLC. I am encouraging you to attend an upcoming Westminster Hall debate on this subject being held in Parliament on Wednesday 22nd May 22nd.

Divesting the Parliamentary Pension Fund from fossil fuels is an important opportunity for MPs to back up recent rhetoric about the climate emergency with action. To bring emissions to net zero in the earliest time frame, the fossil fuel industry needs to be brought into managed decline, and significant investment has to made into renewable infrastructure and improvements in energy efficiency.

In contrast, fossil fuel companies continue to invest tens of billions (£s) to develop new reserves of fossil fuels that we cannot afford to burn. We cannot rely on fossil fuel companies to comply with the essential emission reductions that are directly opposed to their core business model. This is why it is essential for us to remove all pension investments from them and reinvest in positive solutions to tackle to the climate crisis.

I am very hopeful that you will attend the upcoming debate on 22nd May at 2.30pm to make the case for divestment as an important action that all pension funds, including your own, can implement to help decarbonise the economy. To date 250 serving and former MPs have signed the Divest Parliament Pledge and you can add your name here if you’ve not already done so.

Many thanks and best wishes,