Global Divestment Day is the first of it’s kind, and an opportunity for the rapidly growing global divestment movement to show it’s true and glorious colours and push back against the fossil fuel industry.

Last September hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets as part of the People’s Climate March and global mobilisation making history with our collective demand for climate action. Worldwide people are standing up to the interests of the fossil fuel industry knowing they are the biggest obstacle to tackling the climate crisis.

The fossil fuel industry has our political process in shackles with its financial might.But we are matching their financial might with a different kind of power. The power that comes from movements and the movement of the moment is divestment.

Through divestment, we are directly challenging the social license of these rogue corporations who seek profits at the expense of people and planet. And we need as many forces in society as possible to collectively say these companies are rogue companies.

The divestment campaign highlights a conflict that most politicians are reluctant to address. If the world is to avoid catastrophic global warming, most known fossil fuel resources need to stay in the ground. Yet fossil fuel companies not only plan to extract and sell their existing reserves but are exploring ever more sensitive territory to find new ones, thus ruining any chance of securing a safe planet.

This is why we need you to join the growing divestment movement as thousands come together on February 13-14 for Global Divestment Day to take action and demand institutions and individuals do what is necessary for climate action by divesting from fossil fuels.

On Global Divestment Day we will directly challenge the social license of the fossil fuel industry and break the climate deadlock before it’s too late. Together, we will begin to make fossil fuels history.

 At the end of 2015, world leaders will gather in Paris to attempt once again to secure a global climate deal. But we know that they won’t act in accordance with the urgency of the climate crisis while the fossil fuel industry holds the balance of power.

We also know governments continue to subsidise billions of dollars to oil, gas and coal companies to explore new reserves despite strong scientific and financial advice that fossil fuels should be left buried.

Since 2012, 181 institutions and local governments and 656 individuals representing over $50 billion in assets have pledged to divest from fossil fuels. The fossil fuel divestment movement is growing faster than any previous divestment campaign in history. It is sparking international action in financial centres, parliaments, churches, universities, municipalities and investment banks around the world.

Most importantly, it’s shining a light upon the fossil fuel industry’s damaging plans to profit from the planet’s wreckage. Each act of divestment takes back power from the fossil fuel industry and helps create a mandate for our leaders to take real climate action before it’s too late.

But to fight back these plans and have any chance of getting a global treaty which will address the climate crisis, this movement must continue to grow faster and stronger than ever before. Join us to take back the power from the fossil fuel industry and pave the way for real climate action.

On 13th and 14th February thousands of people across the globe will be turning out to take collective action to make fossil fuels history.

They’ll be speaking-up, sitting-in, launching petitions, closing bank accounts and throwing parties. Institutions from universities to local authorities, faith organisations to banks will be coming under pressure to show leadership on climate change and divest from fossil fuels.

Together, we will show that we are a truly global and growing force to be reckoned with. As the fossil fuel industry throws more money at fossil fuel expansion, we will turn up the volume of our divestment movement. And we won’t stop until we win.

Join us for Global Divestment Day on February 13 and 14 and together, let’s make fossil fuels history.

Yep, it’s a bit confusing. Because of the enormous range of groups, institutions, targets and tactics across 5 continents, it was impossible to pick a single day. By having Global Divestment Day across 13th and 14th February we hope more people will be able to get involved, and pull off effective actions and events. Pick whichever one works best for you!

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