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Standing up against pollution and corporate impunity

In the face of our collective extinction as a species, our obligation to endure challenges us to rise up and strive harder than before to challenge the impunity of corporate polluters who have wreaked havoc on people and ecosystems, have deprived communities of their livelihood and dignity, and more so have imputed blame on the victims for their plight.

We stand with Bataan in saying no to coal

Coal has no place in the Philippines’ energy mix. By continuing to peddle coal, the Department of Energy is making a mockery of the Filipinos whose health and environment are already severely affected by climate change.

Rising above the wreckage

Three years after Haiyan, the strongest storm in recorded history, made landfall and devastated central Philippines, there is still much work to be done to build back better and demand climate justice. Several organizations in the midst of the climate struggle in the Philippines pointed this out through different activities over the past few days.

Going beyond resilience

“Rice and corn plants as far as the eye can see are flattened. Many houses were destroyed. I saw one

Anti-coal protests force Korea Eximbank to withdraw from Green Climate Fund

“People from the Philippines have shown that it is possible to stop the world’s biggest bankrollers of climate change. But our work is not finished yet. We will continue to challenge governments and businesses to immediately stop further investments in fossil fuels and transition towards renewable energy”.

Climate activists protest Korea EXIM Bank’s funding of fossil fuels

“The Export-Import Bank of Korea should drop its investments on dirty coal-fired power plants if it wants to be involved in the Green Climate Fund. Otherwise, the bank is making a mockery of countries like the Philippines that are already suffering from severe climate impacts and could really use the Green Climate Fund for low carbon development as well as to better protect their people. It is high time to put an end to fossil fuel finance.”

Divestment in Japan: DAI-VESTO-MENTO!

This quirky 3-minute video is a story about how our money is being funnelled into unsustainable energy, including climate change-driving fossil fuels.