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Divestment Updates

Mayor wants to rid Copenhagen of ‘totally wrong’ investments in coal, oil and gas

Yesterday, Copenhagen’s finance committee agreed to move forward on a proposal by the mayor to divest the fossil fuel holdings of the city’s 6.9bn kroner (€920m) investment fund. Detailed proposals for implementation will now be developed and taken to Copenhagen Council for final decision. Mayor Frank Jensen told the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information: “Copenhagen is (More...)

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Four Reflections on the COP21

Two weeks ago, tens of thousands of climate activists from across the world gathered in Paris to mobilise around the COP21 climate summit. Among these thousands were hundreds of divestment activists, many of whom had never been to a COP or taken part in mass mobilisations around climate change at all. These are some of their (More...)

In the space of just 10 weeks…

The divestment movement has been gathering pace and building momentum ahead of the climate summit in Paris, where we announced today that more than 500 institutions representing over $3.4 trillion in assets have made some form of divestment commitment. On 21st September, we were at 400 institutions representing $2.6 trillion under management. In the past (More...)

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Divestment movement to converge in Paris

In a couple of weeks, a wide range of fossil fuel divestment activists from across Europe and the world will be converging in Paris during the climate talks. We’ll be loud, visible, and shake things up with creative actions throughout the second week of the climate talks to let everyone know this movement has unstoppable (More...)

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Copenhagen latest capital to start turning its back on fossil fuels

Copenhagen’s municipal council decided yesterday to review its investments in fossil fuels . The council passed a resolution to seek information on how other municipalities like Roskilde in Denmark and Oslo in Norway changed their investment policies to ban fossil fuel companies from their portfolio. The council also decided to research investment opportunities free from (More...)

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Uppsala divests, throws down the gauntlet to other cities

Uppsala just became the largest city in Sweden so far to commit to divest itself from fossil fuels, after the city council voted to ban investments in coal, oil and gas.  The move is designed to bring the city’s financial policies in line with its policies to reduce carbon emissions. Following in the footsteps of Örebro, Sweden’s fourth largest (More...)

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Responding to Oil Funded Anti-divestment Reports

Once again, the oil industry is doing its best to spin the data and hide the whole picture to further its agenda. This time, they are working to build the case that investors will lose money if they divest from fossil fuels. Spoiler alert: we think this is disingenuous, to say the least. In August, (More...)