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Divestment Updates

Fellowship Stories: Building Resilient Communities In Fairbanks, AK

As a part of the Fossil Free Fellowship, divestment leaders Kengo Nagaoka and Tristan Glowa returned home to Fairbanks, Alaska to send the summer working with the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition. Today Alaska is in a moment of crisis. As the Arctic warms twice as fast as the rest of the world, wildfires, melting permafrost, (More...)


The New 200

They did it again! The smart people at Fossil Free Indexes published the new 2016 Top 200 fossil fuel companies by size of reserves — click The Carbon Underground 200. This is the list used by most divestment campaigns as the point of departure for the discussion of how to define fossil fuels when considering (More...)


Stuttgart pulls out of fossil fuels

Stuttgart, capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany, decided today to pull its funds out of fossil fuels in response to the mounting threat of climate change. The new investment criteria will see the city drop about 75 Stoxx-Europe listed companies engaging in coal, oil and unconventional gas or fracking (More...)

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Perceptions of Failure: Lessons from the Fossil Free Europe 2016 Gathering

In the 1980s, an activist and scholar called Bill Moyers created a tool called the Movement Action Plan or MAP. MAP lays out the eight stages of the process of social movement success, ranging from the status quo to eventual victory and mainstream acceptance. The Movement Action Plan has been used by activists for almost (More...)

Amsterdam puts pressure on Dutch pension fund to stop investments in fossil fuels

The mayor of Amsterdam put pressure on the Dutch pension fund ABP to pull its investments out of coal, oil and gas companies over concerns about irreversible climate change. In a letter to the board of the world’s fifth-largest pension fund, which manages the pension savings of municipal employees in the Netherlands, mayor Eberhard van (More...)

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Berlin votes to divest

Berlin’s parliament has just voted to divest from oil, coal and gas companies.  Today Berlin joins other European capitals like Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen and Oslo in making a powerful, public rejection of the fossil fuel industry. The Berlin House of Representatives decided to blacklist investments in companies that are incompatible with the German capital’s goal of (More...)

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Danish municipalities put pressure on banks for fossil-free investment options

By Katrine Ehnhuus, Danish divestment campaigner For six months now, the divestment campaign in Denmark has worked hard to get Danish municipalities to divest. A few months into our campaign, we realized that we needed an overview of Danish municipalities’ investment policies. We simply did not know which municipalities invested in fossil fuel companies and which (More...)

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Germany’s most populous state wants ‘climate-friendly’ pension fund

North Rhine-Westphalia wants the pension fund for its civil servants to follow ethical investment criteria that are supposed to ban investments that harm the climate. Germany’s most populous state and home to Europe’s biggest source of CO2 emissions, the Rhineland coalfields, becomes the first state to want to adopt a ‘climate-friendly’ investment policy, following a (More...)

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Moving forwards with shaking knees

A story by Emma Örn from Stockholm When I was 23 years old, I traveled to Copenhagen to volunteer with Greenpeace during the climate summit COP15 (2009). Each icy morning, I stood outside the Conference centre barriers wearing a bright yellow jacket and tried my best to smile and engage as many delegates as possible (More...)

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Mayor wants to rid Copenhagen of ‘totally wrong’ investments in coal, oil and gas

Yesterday, Copenhagen’s finance committee agreed to move forward on a proposal by the mayor to divest the fossil fuel holdings of the city’s 6.9bn kroner (€920m) investment fund. Detailed proposals for implementation will now be developed and taken to Copenhagen Council for final decision. Mayor Frank Jensen told the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information: “Copenhagen is (More...)

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