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Divestment Updates

November Divest Digest: Look Out! Divestment Is Spreading Far and Wide

As the month of November comes to a close, the divestment movement expands their reach far and wide. New divestment campaigns are launching across the world, campuses who have received “no” from their administrations one time too many are taking their cases to court, and students in larger numbers than ever are showing up and pressuring everyone (More...)

Norway’s largest pension fund divests from coal

Norway’s largest manager of pension funds, KLP, has decided to sell off all its investments in coal companies. KLP executives will instead invest half-a-billion kroner (around USD 75 million) in renewable energy ventures. KLP manages the pension funds for the majority of Norway’s public sector employees. With its total assets of nearly NOK 500 billion ($84bn/€67bn) (More...)

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Oxford Diocese goes fossil free and challenges Church of England to divest

Today, Oxford Diocese called on the Church of England to divest from fossil fuel companies and pledged to examine its own investments. Oxford Diocesan Synod has passed a resolution urging the Church of England’s National Investing Bodies to divest from fossil fuel companies. The resolution was passed with a majority of 52 in favour, with (More...)

November Divest Digest: Global Divestment is for Pioneers

The period of transition from October to November has been an incredible time for the divestment movement. There have been some major wins, a lot of firsts, and even more planning and brewing for major announcements in the coming weeks. Due to the number of times we’ve uttered the phrase, “First to divest in…!” We’re (More...)

Looking Back and Pushing Forward at Fossil Free AU

Guest post by Rebecca Wolf. Rebecca is a Junior studying Environmental Science and Law & Society at American University. She has been involved with the Fossil Free American University Campaign since November of 2012. Fossil Free American University has been featured on Democracy Now!, Reuters, In the City, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. For (More...)

McKibben slams Shell from Chatham House conference podium

This morning Platform and  picketed the annual Chatham House climate change conference to protest against Shell’s sponsorship of the event. The keynote speaker Bill McKibben, founder of,  highlighted the hypocrisy directly from inside the conference: “I didn’t know Shell was sponsoring this conference when I agreed to do it, but I’m glad for the chance (More...)

Banks: Time to Quit Coal

Ninety-two leading banks last year provided at least EUR 66 billion in financing to the coal industry, according to new coal financing data released today in BankTrack’s ‘Banking on coal 2014‘ report.  This represents a ‘record year’ for financial support extended to the top 65 coal companies in both the coal mining and power sectors, (More...)


Swedish 2nd AP Fund: Important 1st step, a long way to go

On Monday, one of the Swedish national pension funds called “Second AP fund” announced that they are divesting from 20 fossil fuel companies. They ditched all their investments in coal (12 companies) and pulled their investments out of eight oil and gas companies, citing the financial risk associated with these assets. CEO Eva Halvarsson said: By (More...)

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Sweden’s national pension fund to divest from 20 fossil fuel companies

GÖTEBORG, Sweden- The international divestment movement and the Swedish fair pension campaign #schysstapensioner campaign are celebrating a major win today as the Second AP Fund – one of several Swedish national pension funds – announced it would begin divesting from fossil fuels. In a move designed to reduce the financial risks of its investments in (More...)