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Dutch primary schools send Shell out of the classroom

Shell’s Generation Discover poses as a festival catering to children to get them interested in technology. But the real reason behind this is to make their brand gain more visibility and to continue marketing fossil fuel well into the future.

Cleaning up the Nobel Prize from fossil fuels

Saturday, before the week of the Nobel Prize announcements, the Divest Nobel-campaign reminded the Nobel Foundation that it’s time to clean up the Nobel Prizes from dirty fossil fuel investments.

Rising for climate on Norway’s remote western shores

On September 8 #RiseForClimate brought thousands of people together on the streets across the world. Siddharth, a local organiser from Bergen, Norway shared his experience with us and a poem he was inspired to write after the event.

London Leap: rising for a fair, clean city

This guest blog by Sulakshana from Switched on London reflects on how London can transform from a city that has supported fossil fuel extraction since the industrial revolution into one that will help accelerate the climate transition while also fighting for racial justice.