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Divestment Updates

Berlin votes to divest

Berlin’s parliament has just voted to divest from oil, coal and gas companies.  Today Berlin joins other European capitals like Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen and Oslo in making a powerful, public rejection of the fossil fuel industry. The Berlin House of Representatives decided to blacklist investments in companies that are incompatible with the German capital’s goal of (More...)

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Divest from deception. The plan for May 25 in Dallas:

Some big news for those of you near Dallas: Next month, Exxon shareholders will meet in Dallas — and regular Texans will be there too, to call out the company’s destruction and lies. Can you join us in Dallas on May 25th to call out Exxon’s destruction and lies? Exxon deceived the public, misled their (More...)


Why do mentors matter? A reflection on the Fossil Free Training Corps

A reflection from Michaela Mujica-Steiner, student leader with Fossil Free Northern Arizona University and Fossil Fuel Divestment Student network Michaela was a mentor in the Fossil Free Training Corps program which skilled up 18 student trainers, and 6 mentors, with training skills to increase the capacity of the student divestment movement. This involved writing collaborative (More...)

Mayor wants to rid Copenhagen of ‘totally wrong’ investments in coal, oil and gas

Yesterday, Copenhagen’s finance committee agreed to move forward on a proposal by the mayor to divest the fossil fuel holdings of the city’s 6.9bn kroner (€920m) investment fund. Detailed proposals for implementation will now be developed and taken to Copenhagen Council for final decision. Mayor Frank Jensen told the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information: “Copenhagen is (More...)

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Building bridges for climate justice with the U.S. Bank campaign

Blog by Ulla Nilsen, Minnesota 350 For years many of us have been looking to build bridges between the racial, economic and climate justice movements. We know that a political and economic system that cares more about profit than people, especially people of color, is also willing to wreak havoc on the environment. Just look at what (More...)

What 2015 means for 2016’s divestment campaigns

What a year. 2015 brought a wave of victories for the climate movement, tools to enhance our divestment campaigns, and challenges for us to up our game. Before we sign off for the year, the Fossil Free team wanted to share some thoughts on what a few of the accomplishments, events and trends of 2015 (More...)

Divestment leads to more donor support, not less.

A new study on divestment has been making the rounds this week. Commissioned by the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), the study polled 275 people (about the same number of people who fit into a standard movie theater) and found that the majority were opposed to divestment and would choose not to give to (More...)

In the space of just 10 weeks…

The divestment movement has been gathering pace and building momentum ahead of the climate summit in Paris, where we announced today that more than 500 institutions representing over $3.4 trillion in assets have made some form of divestment commitment. On 21st September, we were at 400 institutions representing $2.6 trillion under management. In the past (More...)

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VIDEO: 1,000 millennials take the streets for justice

Friends, We’ve got the chills. On Monday, young people showed that they’re building the kind of cross-movement alliances that we need to change what’s politically possible in this country. This movement of movements is broad, diverse, and powerful! In an epic demonstration of unity, 1,000 young people took the streets of Washington, D.C. for justice (More...)

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Our Generation, Our Choice: Don’t Be frightened, Be Inspired

This blog post was written by Vignesh Ramachandran, a student organizer with Divest Middlebury, on why he’s joining the Our Generation, Our Choice mobilization. Society teaches us that the individual is greater than everything. It’s why we take selfies and spend hours of our days curating our image on Facebook and Instagram. Society teaches us that if (More...)