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In Baltimore, a climate victory is a win for racial and economic justice

After four years of grassroots campaigning, a broad coalition of activists, environmental organizations and community members succeeded in passing an ordnance to ban new crude oil terminals. This is the story of how people from all walks of life came together for the common good of their city.

I have 600 grandchildren – and I marched for them in Albany

Norman Frasier, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn and a member of New York Communities for Change, talks about the lingering impact of Superstorm Sandy on his community and why he wants NY Gov. Cuomo to take action for a Fossil Free world.

Fossil Free is climate justice

Nicole Oliveira, Latin America Team Leader, tells the story of the fight to ban fracking in the region.

Take it from DC: Local climate action works

Climate activists in DC know that local action can lead to huge victories — even with Trump in your backyard. Now, starting on January 31, the Fossil Free movement is bringing a wave of locally-rooted climate resistance across the country.