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(pdf) A Student’s Guide to Reinvestment

Your university’s endowment can fund the future. Here’s how! View/Download

(pdf) Actions Development Checklist

Action planned? Need to check you've got everything covered? Here's a handy guide to help you out. View/Download

(pdf) Alumni Toolkit

Ideas about how alumni can support campus efforts to convince your school to move its money in order to protect our planet. Written by Divest Harvard alum. View/Download

(pdf) Amherst and Coal Divestment (Amherst Student)

Here's a published op-ed from Amherst college about fossil fuel divestment. View/Download

(pdf) Beyond Fossil Fuels: The Investment Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment (Impax Asset Management)

Why investors should consider reorienting their portfolios towards low carbon energy by replacing fossil fuel stocks with energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, thereby retaining exposure to the energy sector while reducing the risks posed by the fossil fuel sector. View/Download

(Video) Concord Town Meeting Divestment Presentation

This presentation was delivered at Concord's town meeting in May 2014. View/Download

(pdf) Divest From… Poster (Lisa Purdy)

Customizable & printable divestment poster. Winner of our 2013 poster design contest. View/Download

(pdf) Divestment Myth-Busting

These facts can be helpful in debunking common misperceptions about fossil fuel divestment. View/Download

(image) Divestment Myths Debunked

Debunking some of the most common divestment misconceptions. Courtesy of the Pitzer College divestment campaign. View/Download

(pdf) Divestment Workshop Handouts

Giving a Workshop? Here's a handy resource to hand out to participants. View/Download

(pdf) Do the Investment Math: Building a Carbon-Free Portfolio (Aperio Group)

As endowments decide whether or not to divest or implement screens, another kind of math is needed as part of the process: the math of portfolio analysis. View/Download

(pdf) Example Divestment Briefing (350 Toronto)

This exhaustive brief explains why divestment from fossil fuel companies is in keeping with the values of the University of Toronto and why it is feasible and financially prudent. View/Download

(pdf) Fact Sheet: Climate Change & Public Health

Climate change has huge implications for public health worldwide. Fact Sheet created by the John Hopkins University divestment campaign team. View/Download

(pdf) Fact Sheet: Climate Change & Wildlife

Climate change impacts on wildlife and biodiversity. Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. View/Download

(pdf) Five Steps to a Renewable Future Infographic (350 Vermont)

How does divestment work? Check out this info-graphic. View/Download

(image) Fossil Free logos

Fossil Free campaign logos in various colors, configurations, and file types. View/Download

(.psd) Fossil Free X

A .psd file of the Fossil Free "X" for use on fliers, posters, and other materials. View/Download


This guide will help you get started running a fossil fuel divestment campaign on your campus or challenging the industry on the ground in your community. View/Download

(pdf) Fossil Fuel Divestment Communications Guide

This is a guide to help anyone working on fossil fuel divestment communicate effectively about the campaign, whether you’re doing an interview with the press or just talking to an interested bystander. View/Download

(pdf) How to make a Divestosaurus

Need a prop to make a visual impact as part of your divestment campaign? Follow this step-by-step guide from People & Planet, to make your own fossil fuel dinosaur. View/Download

(pdf) How to use Fossil Free petition site and tools offers all Fossil Free groups a campaigns toolkit through This How To covers how to set up and use petitions, events and the campaigns site's email and social media sharing functions. View/Download

(pdf) Institutional Pathways to Fossil Free Investing: Endowment Management in a Warming World

This paper charts three pathways for institutional investors to follow in order to transition portfolios away from fossil fuels and toward cleaner investments. Author: Joshua Humphreys View/Download

(pdf) IPCC BRIEFINGS – Climate Change: Implications for Investors & Financial Institutions

The Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the most up-to-date, comprehensive and relevant analysis of our changing climate. Investors and financial institutions are, and will continue to be, exposed to risks and opportunities as a result of climate change. This briefing reviews how climate change is relevant to all investors and financial institutions, and gives an overview of the implications. View/Download

(Spreadsheet) List of Exclusions by Asset Class

Exclusions by asset class. A useful resource for when your institution is ready to divest. View/Download

(Document) List of US & Canadian University & College Endowments

U.S. and Canadian Institutions Listed by Fiscal Year 2011 Endowment Market Value and Percentage Change in Endowment Market Value from FY 2010 to FY 2011. View/Download

(Document) Printable Petition Template

Collect signatures to support divestment with this printable petition. Formatted for use by campus campaigns. View/Download

(Document) Printable Petition Template (postcard format)

Collect signatures to support divestment with these printable post cards. Formatted for use by campus campaigners. View/Download

(pdf) Recruitment Toolkit

A guide to help you grow your movement by creating visibility and by bringing in new members. Tailored to the needs of campus campaigners. View/Download

(pdf) Resilient Portfolios & Fossil Free Pensions (HIP Investor)

This paper highlights compelling evidence that fossil-fuel divestment is not only a moral responsibility, but a feasible and prudent way to address this portfolio risk. View/Download

(pdf) Responding to the Call for Fossil-fuel Free Portfolios (MSCI)

Report by MSCI on the risks and benefits of "fossil free" investing. View/Download

(pdf) Responsible Endowments Coalition Student Handbook

Practical advice, sample documents, and proven methods for incorporating responsible investment into any school’s investments. View/Download

(Document) Sample Alumni Letter to President/Board of Trustees/Regents

Here's a template alumni can use to tell decision makers at your alma mater that you support divestment. View/Download

(pdf) Sample institutional divestment resolution

Sample Resolution in support of Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies. View/Download

(pdf) Sample Municipal divestment resolution

Sample resolution urging the Retirement Board of XXX Retirement System to divest from publicly-traded fossil fuel companies. View/Download

(pdf) Sample Powerpoint Presentation for President/Board of Trustees

Use this Powerpoint presentation to aid your presentation to your school's President or Board of Trustees. View/Download

(Document) Sample Student Government divestment resolution

Here's a sample resolution you can use if you're trying to get your student government on board. View/Download

(pdf) Sample Two-page Divestment Pamphlet

An example of a quick two pager from the District of Columbia campaign petitioning to dives. View/Download

(Document) Semester Campaign Planning Template

Need some help planning your semester? Here's a template to help. View/Download

(pdf) Sign-up sheet

Collect contacts to grow support for your divestment campaign with this printable sign-up sheet. View/Download

(pdf) Start Here: Why Go Fossil Free?

What is Fossil Fuel Divestment? Why now? How does it work? Learn the quick answers to the most basic questions on divesting from fossil fuels. View/Download

(pdf) Stranded Assets & the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign (Oxford)

Stranded assets and the fossil fuel divestment campaign: what does divestment mean for the valuation of fossil fuel assets? View/Download

(Spreadsheet) Top 200 Coal, Gas & Oil Companies (Including Notes on Business Practices)

Most grassroots divestment campaigns are calling for institutions to divest from the “top 200″ oil, gas, and coal companies by proven carbon reserves. The original list was assembled by the Carbon Tracker Initiative. To reflect the rapidly changing nature of this field, the top 200 list was revised in April, 2014 by Fossil Free Indexes. This is a working document that lists the top 200 fossil fuel companies with notes on local impacts, human rights violations, and other business practices of interest to divestment campaigners. View/Download

(pdf) Trainer’s Handbook: Student Divestment Workshop

Want to give a divestment workshop for student campaigners? Here's a great handbook for workshop facilitators. View/Download

(pdf) Unburnable Carbon (Carbon Tracker Initiative)

In the past decade investors have suffered considerable value destruction following the mispricing exhibited in the boom and the more recent credit crunch. The carbon bubble could be equally serious for institutional investors--including pension beneficiaries--and the value lost would be permanent. View/Download

(pdf) Why Divest College Endowments Infographic (Fossil Free Minnesota)

A handy infographic on the basics of why to divest from fossil fuels. View/Download

(pdf) Zoos & Aquariums for 350 Handbook

Invite Zoos and Aquariums to support the movement to bring atmospheric levels of CO2 back to 350 ppm using this guide. View/Download