La Journée Mondiale du Désinvestissement a été un énorme succès !

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Le mouvement de desinvestissment contre les combustibles fossiles est croissant dans le monde entier. Il est immoral de tirer profit des investissment qui condamnerons la planète au désastre. Renseignez-vous et impliquez-vous:


Divestment Updates

Oslo divests from coal – – the first capital city to do so

Just a few short weeks after 1000 people hit the streets of Oslo demanding divestment from fossil fuels on Global Divestment Day, we’re hearing reports that the City of Oslo has responded by divesting from coal. Oslo is divesting US$7 million from its pension fund investments in coal.  This places Oslo as the first capital (More...)

Bigger reserves, bigger companies, bigger need to divest!

In participation with Global Divestment Day, Fossil Free Indexes LLC just released an updated Carbon Underground list for the divestment movement to take forward. It’s now posted on This is a list of the top 100 coal companies and the top 100 oil and gas companies by size of reserves converted to CO2 equivalent. (More...)


Why I #Divest

Ahead of Global Divestment Day we asked people from across the fossil free divestment network which institution they wanted to divest and why. Here’s just a few of the responses.  Share why you divest – Take a photo of yourself holding a divestment message and share it on social media using:  Why I #Divest     (More...)

Norway’s divestment is great news. But this is the last moment to be complacent.

Today’s news that the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth (oil)  Fund has divested from a total of 22 companies, potentially totaling billions of dollars in assets, is a huge win for the rapidly growing divestment campaign and should be celebrated. In fact, in terms of amount of money it is likely the biggest divestment decision to date, (More...)

2015 – the fossil fuel endgame begins

This article was originally published on The Ecologist. 2014 was the hottest year on record. It was also the year, the industry that’s driving the warming came under unprecedented fire. As temperatures rise, so does the climate movement! At the climate talks in Lima in December, politicians were for the first time talking about a (More...)

First College in the Pacific Islands Divests from Fossil Fuels

As another set of uninspiring UN climate negotiations has come to a close in Lima, the first university in the Pacific Islands, the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI), has just voted unanimously to divest from fossil fuel companies. The Republic of the Marshall Islands comprises over 1,000 small, low-lying islands that are home to (More...)

Global Divestment Day

Kangaroos to defeat climate bomb?

By Nicolas Haeringer French bank Société Générale has announced it’s withdrawing from the Alpha Coal mega-coal mine in Australia. This “climate bomb” – an open mine in the Galilee basin (central Queensland) alone would  “produce 6% of the carbon necessary to take the planet past a 2°C temperature rise,” says Bill McKibben.   If the (More...)

What Plummeting Oil Prices Mean for the Divestment Movement

The headlines last week were all about oil prices. You may have seen articles talking about the geopolitical boondoggle the OPEC countries are in. You may of heard speculation about a sluggish economy or how consumers at the pump are jumping for low-price joy. But what does it mean for the divestment movement that crude (More...)

A First look at Global Divestment Day

A year from now, world leaders will gather in Paris to have another shot at securing a global climate deal. Given their far from impressive track record, we’re not taking our chances.  We know that world leaders won’t act in accordance with the urgency of the climate crisis as long as the fossil fuel industry (More...)

Bulletin sur le désinvestissement du mois de Novembre: A découvrir! Le Désinvestissement se répand loin et partout.

Alors que le mois de Novembre touche à sa fin, le mouvement de désinvestissement s’élargit et se répand partout. De nouvelles campagnes de désinvestissement sont lancées à travers le monde, les campus qui ont reçu «un refus» de leurs administrations de nouveau prennent leurs affaires devant les tribunaux, et les étudiants en plus grand nombre que (More...)