From Niall at Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland

Today we’re launching a new campaign for a #FossilFree Northern Ireland – and we need you!

We already know from research released last year that a massive £350m of Northern Ireland’s biggest pension scheme is invested in climate-wrecking fossil fuel companies including Rio Tinto, BP and Shell. So our new campaign aims to divest the fund from fossil fuels by 2020.

We’re gathering at the Woodburn Resevoir to cut the ribbon on the campaign – a beautiful site threatened by oil drilling back in 2016.

Based in Northern Ireland? You can help get the campaign off to a flying start by emailing your local councillors now, and ask them to sign an open letter demanding complete divestment from the pension fund.

Write to your councillors and ask them to divest the biggest pension scheme in Northern Ireland today.

When we win this campaign, it will be one of the most significant contributions Northern Ireland has made to combating climate change. Fossil Free Northern Ireland is a new climate movement that is seeking to completely decarbonise our economy, society and environment. Our divestment campaign is just the first of many to come.

Want to get more involved?