Last week, hundreds of people came together in Rotterdam to march against the contract extension of Europe’s most important coal port. At the same time, climate protectors occupied the coal terminal EMO. They chained themselves to the infrastructure to reinforce their demand, the closure of the climate destructive coal terminal. These actions show that the movement against fossil fuel interests is growing from all sides. Together we can draw a line against the fossil fuel industry!

The climate march on its way to the Rotterdam Port Authority (photo: Karin Oppelland).  You can find more pictures of the march on our Flickr

Climate protectors occupy the Rotterdam coal terminal EMO.

The Rotterdam Port Authority is planning to extend the lease of Europe’s biggest coal port by 25 years. If this goes ahead, we’re locking ourselves into a fossil fuel future, which will seriously damage our climate and endanger the aims of the Paris climate agreement.

In stead, we should  fully commit ourselves to a fair transition to a sustainable future.

The emissions of the coal that is transferred in the port of Rotterdam are equal to half of the yearly CO2 emissions of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is also the most important coal port in Europe, and therefore plays an important role in ending the European coal era.

Fossil fuels are history, we should commit ourselves to a just transition towards a sustainable future.

Support the struggle against the contract extension of the EMO!