Host a fossil free film screening

Films can be a powerful way of explaining the divestment campaign and bringing people together to launch a campaign group.  Below you’ll find a range of films that are available to screen for free.

Do the math: the movie

A mini-documentary about a rising movement to take on the climate crisis and fight the fossil fuel industry.

Produced by and available to stream with subtitles in 13 languages via Youtube.

Backlight: Fossil Free

A growing group of concerned citizens no longer trusts politicians to tackle climate change. They now focus on the financial sector and receive help from unexpected sources. Big banks like HSBC, Citibank and the regulating Bank of England recently started to warn against the so-called ‘carbon bubble’.  Investing in coal, oil and gas not only causes temperatures to rise, but it also involves substantial financial risks, for pensions for example. Armed with this new weapon, activists are summoning pension funds, universities and other funds to reduce their investments in fossil fuels.

This short documentary produced by VPRO is available in English (below) and Dutch.

Earthrise: Take the power back

How ordinary people are mobilising to disrupt the fossil fuel industry by redirecting investment.

A 25-minute documentary produced by Al Jazeera.

The Burning Question

A short film by our Irish divestment campaign partners Trocaire, featuring calls for fossil fuel divestment action from people in the global south who are most impacted by climate change. (30 mins)

The Burning Question from Trocaire on Vimeo.

Short films

Just looking for a short film to introduce the topic at the beginning of a meeting or presentation? Here are a few:


More films


Know of other short- or feature-length films that do a great job of explaining the need for fossil fuel divestment?  Send us your suggestions.