On Friday June 8, hundreds of mayors from across the United States will be gathering in Boston for the annual US Conference of Mayors to discuss and strategize about the future of cities. The mayors will discuss how to make our cities more livable, ow make them more resilient, and make them more just and fair for everyone. These are noble objectives for the places where the majority of Americans live.

There’s going to be a lot of talk.

Throughout the weekend and more importantly when they go back home to our cities, climate activists want our mayors to go beyond talking and to start acting. It’s been a year since Trump announced he intended to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement. and since this same group of mayors declared they were “Still In.” The US Conference of Mayors even passed a resolution pledging climate action.

But it’s also been a year since that declaration — and there hasn’t been enough real action to fight climate change, especially to make up for inaction and rollbacks at the federal level.

Tweet at your mayor now – tell them to take bold action for a #FossilFree world.

The clock is ticking. And It’s time to Rise for Climate Action.

That’s why on Friday, hundreds of friends and fellow activists will be rallying outside the conference hall, calling for mayors, including host Boston mayor Marty Walsh, to walk the talk and announce concrete actions to:

  1.    Stop all new fossil fuel projects in city boundaries    
  2.    Adopt a real plan to transition justly to 100% renewable energy
  3.    Divest city funds, including pensions, from fossil fuel companies      

While the rally takes place in Boston, we are going to sweep up our Mayors across the country in a Twitterstorm. Join by tweeting this message at your mayor [Insert their twitter handle] and stand side by side with those rallying in the streets of Boston:

Tweet at your mayor now

It’s time [@LOCALMAYOR] + all @usmayors #RiseforClimate and:

  1. Stop all new fossil fuel projects
  2. Transition to 100% renewable energy for all
  3. Not a penny more invested in fossil fuel companies.

#USCM2018 #FossilFree

The clock is ticking.

In just 3 months, California Governor Jerry Brown, is convening the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco where hundreds of elected officials and corporate CEOs will gather. In the lead up, summit organizers have asked elected leader to make clear commitments to help tackle climate change. And it’s our job to make sure those commitments are strong, Fossil Free commitments.

That’s why we’ll be rallying in the tens of thousands to Rise for Climate Action outside the summit itself and in coordination with thousands of rallies around the world. Together, we must demand our local leaders commit to building a Fossil Free world that puts people and justice before profits. No more stalling, no more delays: it’s time for a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

Together, acting online and offline, we can make that happen. Tweet at your mayor this Friday and then sign-up to join a RISE event in your community September 8.