US Mayors: Make Our Cities Fossil Free

Cities are on the frontlines of climate change in terms of carbon footprint, impacts and action. Working together, cities can make a critically important contribution to fighting climate change and making their cities more just and resilient.

From June 8-10, hundreds of mayors from across the USA are gathering in Boston to discuss the future of cities at the annual gathering of the US Conference of Mayors. Last year, this same group of mayors pledged to take climate action. Now it’s time to fulfill these promises and pledges by putting them in action:

Action #1: A Fast & Just Transition to 100% Renewable Energy for Our Cities.

We can’t keep powering our cities, buildings, trucks, buses and cars with dirty fuels from the last century. It’s time to repower our communities with clean, renewable energy. Accelerate the shift to a new, just, clean energy economy that works for everyone by implementing community-led energy solutions.


  1. Compose and pass a binding resolution by city council requiring city agencies to develop time bound plans to complete the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  2. Report annually on progress including any mitigation strategies as required to meet the plan goals and timelines

Action #2: No New Fossil Fuel Projects. Anywhere within City Boundaries.

Ending the climate crisis and improving the health of our neighbours means we have to keep fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Stop and ban all new oil, coal and gas projects. This includes pipelines, rail lines, mines, rigs, terminals and power plants within our cities’ land and water boundaries.

  1. Compose and pass a resolution by city council banning any new fossil fuel projects.
  2. Follow with amending existing or passing new legislation (including ordinances, regulations, etc.)   
  3. Strengthen any permitting requirements that would effectively block projects

Action #3: Not a Penny More Invested in Fossil Fuel Companies.

Investing city moneys and employee retirement and pension funds in risky fossil fuel companies no longer makes financial sense. Meaningful action on climate change and the transition to a clean renewable energy economy will inevitably decrease the value of fossil fuel assets –like horse-drawn buggies and VHS tapes. Our cities can legally and responsibly divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in companies that are helping stop climate change and making our cities more resilient and just.

  1. Publicly state your support for divestment of city funds
  2. Compose and pass a resolution by city council withdrawing municipal investments in fossil fuel companies and urging the city pension board to do the same
  3. If you have a representative on the city pension board, exercise that vote by composing a resolution to divest the city pension funds within five years.

Action # 4. Advocate for Fellow Cities to Join You

Working together cities have more of impact on than alone. Help support other cities to become Fossil Free:

  1. Go public with your fossil free commitments.
  2. Advocate in city associations and conferences for others to join you.
  3. Register your commitment at the Global Climate Action Summit in September.
  4. Follow up and publicly reporting on progress.
  5. Share on social media:

As Mayor, I’m committed to fighting climate change and protecting the health of our community by going #FossilFree. Together, we will #RiseforClimate by: 

  • Stopping all new fossil fuel projects.
  • Transitioning to 100% renewable energy for all.
  • Not investing a penny more in fossil fuel companies
Take action by September 8th when tens of thousands will rally in San Francisco and in dozens of other cities across the USA ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit. We need you, our elected leaders, to Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice!