Washington D.C. just made climate history last month by passing a landmark bill that will allow the city to undergo a rapid, just transition away from dirty fossil fuels to a 100% clean, renewable energy future. Years of coalition-building with local climate, energy, and environmental justice leaders, made the bill a victory for climate justice and social equity. The success of this Fossil Free campaign was largely attributed to intentional coalition building with low income community members, in order to ensure that all voices were considered in pushing for this victory. CCAN, Sierra Club, Interfaith Power and Light, NRDC, Citizen Climate Lobby and more were essential to this effort along with 350 DC.

We caught up with 350 D.C. organizer, Barbara Briggs, who offered her insights as to how the D.C. coalition was able to successfully execute their Fossil Free campaign. Barbara discusses the importance of equity and coalition building in creating campaigns that are inclusive, comprehensive, and powerful.

Watch the full interview below:

With the recent IPCC report on climate change that indicated there’s only a little over a decade left to avoid climate catastrophe, it is extremely important that local communities take action. It is time for us to lead Fossil Free campaigns across the world and to reclaim the future we want – one with a just transition away from dirty fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy that provides jobs and well-being to the communities most impacted by the climate crisis.

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