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“Places in Struggle”- Climate Art and Accountability Forums Across New York State

As’s Fossil Free Campaigner for NY State, Cata Elisabeth Romo (they/them) is organizing a series of Climate Accountability Forums across New York. Each forum is being accompanied by an art build for the ongoing project “Places in Struggle,” a collection of grassroots-created art depicting places of sentimental value threatened by climate change.

6 ways New Yorkers stood up for a Fossil Free world in 2018

A year ago today, New York City made an historic announcement that it would divest from fossil fuels. Since then, our city and state have continued to make strides towards a Fossil Free New York—and 2019 only promises more to come.

Major milestone: 1000+ divestment commitments worldwide

In less than 5 years, the global fossil fuel divestment movement has won over 1000 commitments worth nearly $8trillion from institutions ranging from universities and banks, to the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds and major capital cities.

We just had our day in court.

In September, we shut down Third Avenue in front of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NYC office to send a clear message: we demand a Fossil Free New York. Here’s how you can join the fight.

By, Lindsay Meiman, native New Yorker and US Communications Coordinator with

NY has an historic chance to fight climate change

By Betámia Coronel, New Yorker and U.S. National Organizer with

This election, New York State flipped the State Senate and now has a progressive majority in the Legislature. This gives us an historic opportunity to drive change across the country with bold climate action.