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Trump targets NY for pipeline expansion

Last night, Trump signed two new executive orders limiting states’ powers to stop destructive oil and gas pipelines and other fossil fuel projects — which means the clock is ticking for Governor Cuomo to step in and stop the Williams pipeline.

“Places in Struggle”- Climate Art and Accountability Forums Across New York State

As’s Fossil Free Campaigner for NY State, Cata Elisabeth Romo (they/them) is organizing a series of Climate Accountability Forums across New York. Each forum is being accompanied by an art build for the ongoing project “Places in Struggle,” a collection of grassroots-created art depicting places of sentimental value threatened by climate change.

6 ways New Yorkers stood up for a Fossil Free world in 2018

A year ago today, New York City made an historic announcement that it would divest from fossil fuels. Since then, our city and state have continued to make strides towards a Fossil Free New York—and 2019 only promises more to come.