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About Fossil Free New York

Now, more than ever, New York needs to be a real climate leader. With the White House controlled by fossil fuel interests, and the Trump administration rolling back climate protections, New York must do more to fight climate change for the people.

Our vision for a Fossil Free New York includes:

  • A fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy
  • A ban on all new and planned fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Making corporate polluters pay & divesting from fossil fuels

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We’re experiencing unprecedented climate catastrophes:  

New Yorkers know firsthand the devastation of climate disasters. Nearly six years after Superstorm Sandy devastated our communities, many of us are still recovering. It’s communities of color and the poor — who have done the least to cause the problem — who are left to bear the brunt of the destruction.

We know who’s responsible: fossil fuel executives and their bought-and-paid-for political allies who set us on this path of climate destruction.  We must hold them accountable. By showing that a state like New York can go Fossil Free, we can set the bar for any state or city, large or small, to ditch oil, gas and coal and embrace climate solutions. There’s no time for half measures.

We know a better New York — where all of us can live in healthy communities with clean air and clean water — is possible. It’s up to all of us to work together to achieve that by fighting for climate justice

Only 4% of New York state’s energy usage comes from wind and solar – with 36% from gas, 32% from nuclear and 25% from hydro. After years of community campaigning, we achieved a ban on fracking, yet there are still plans to build pipelines and power plants that would deliver and use fracked gas from neighboring  states and threaten our health and safety. These include the Competitive Power Ventures, Danskammer, Caithness II, and Cricket Valley gas power plants and the Millennium, Northern Access and Williams fracked gas pipelines. Further, despite a call from Governor Cuomo to divest, the state’s pension fund, one of the largest in the country, remains heavily invested in fossil fuel companies with more than $13 billion in oil, gas, coal and fossil fuel support companies.

When we unite and fight together, we win. The climate justice movement in New York has a string of recent successes in the state. From forcing a statewide ban on fracking in 2014, the first in the country, to stopping the Constitution, Northern Access and NED pipelines, and the Port Ambrose Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility, to convincing the City of New York to divest its $190 pension funds from fossil fuels, we’ve shown we can win. These victories have been made possible  we marched, protested, picketed and risked arrest, we researched, lobbied and advocated for environmental justice, together. Join us as we move forward to make New York Fossil Free.

The first and largest-ever Peoples Climate March was organized in New York in 2014 with over 400,000 marching in the streets. In 2014, after years of campaigning by local grassroots and community organizations, NY governor Cuomo announced a statewide ban on fracking, the first in the country. Three years later, frontline youth led a 5,000-person march on the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. Less than 2 months later, after 5 years of campaigning, New York City became the first major city in the USA to announced it was divesting its $190 billion pension funds from fossil fuels and launching a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Big Oil. In April, 2018, over 2,000 New Yorkers descended on Albany demanding real climate leadership and thousands more Rose in early September to demand action on Climate, Jobs and Justice.

New York’s climate movement is forcing elected officials act in the interest of the people.

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Tell NY State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli to Divest NY — $13 billion in public monies is currently invested in fossil fuel companies.


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Fossil Free Updates

Trump targets NY for pipeline expansion

Last night, Trump signed two new executive orders limiting states’ powers to stop destructive oil and gas pipelines and other fossil fuel projects — which means the clock is ticking for Governor Cuomo to step in and stop the Williams pipeline.

“Places in Struggle”- Climate Art and Accountability Forums Across New York State

As’s Fossil Free Campaigner for NY State, Cata Elisabeth Romo (they/them) is organizing a series of Climate Accountability Forums across New York. Each forum is being accompanied by an art build for the ongoing project “Places in Struggle,” a collection of grassroots-created art depicting places of sentimental value threatened by climate change.

6 ways New Yorkers stood up for a Fossil Free world in 2018

A year ago today, New York City made an historic announcement that it would divest from fossil fuels. Since then, our city and state have continued to make strides towards a Fossil Free New York—and 2019 only promises more to come.

Major milestone: 1000+ divestment commitments worldwide

In less than 5 years, the global fossil fuel divestment movement has won over 1000 commitments worth nearly $8trillion from institutions ranging from universities and banks, to the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds and major capital cities.

We just had our day in court.

In September, we shut down Third Avenue in front of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NYC office to send a clear message: we demand a Fossil Free New York. Here’s how you can join the fight.

By, Lindsay Meiman, native New Yorker and US Communications Coordinator with

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