While claiming “New York is hurting the country because they’re not allowing us to get the pipelines through,” Trump just signed two new executive orders to limit states’ powers to stop oil and gas pipelines. 

This is a direct response to the fervent grassroots opposition across New York State to the Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline and similar fracked gas projects.

Fossil fuel billionaires have dreamt of building a destructive web of pipelines through New York and across the Northeast for years, and have been thwarted by local campaigns at every turn. Now, Trump is trying to tip the scales in their favor — which means it’s time for us to dig our heels in.

It’s time for us to march and demand that Governor Cuomo take immediate action to stop the Williams pipeline while there’s still time. Join us next Thursday, April 18 to call on Cuomo to defend New York and our climate.

What: Stop the Williams Pipeline – NYC March

When: Thursday, April 18. Meet at 5:30 PM. Rally at 6:00 PM. March at 6:30 PM.

Where: New York City Hall Park, New York, 10007


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With Trump’s executive order in play, the stakes in the fight to stop the Williams pipeline have risen immensely. Unless Cuomo takes swift and decisive action to block the Williams pipeline and ban all new fossil fuel projects, New York State will be left to the mercy of the Trump administration’s fossil fueled agenda. We just can’t have that.

There’s still time for Cuomo to stop Trump’s plans for New York. Countless communities across the state and the health of our climate depend on it. That’s why we need you to join us in the streets next Thursday to show Cuomo that New Yorkers want him to step up and intervene.

No more waiting. RSVP now and help us hold Cuomo accountable to defending our communities and climate from Trump’s destructive pipeline agenda.