Are you an individual investor interested in moving your money out of fossil fuels?

If you’re ready to commit, take the Divest-Invest pledge to let the world know you’re taking action for a fossil free future:

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And here’s how you can get started:

FossilFree_Graphics5Step 1: Find out how much you have invested

How much money have I invested in fossil fuel companies? If you have a money manager, private wealth management firm, or financial advisor who is the custodian of your investment funds, send them the top 200 coal, oil, and gas companies by carbon reserves and ask them to calculate the amount of your holdings that are represented on that list. If this is not something they are willing to do, let them know that this has become an important investment criteria for you and that you will be exploring your options. In general, well balanced or diversified funds (mutual funds, 401Ks) have around 10 percent in fossil fuel investments (of course this number will vary depending upon your investment strategy).

Step 2: Discuss your divestment options with your custodian

FossilFree_Graphics9What are your options for fossil fuel divestment? Your money manager should be able to help you develop several. This may include investing in a new portfolio or creating a unique product. If your custodian is unwilling or unable to develop fossil free investment opportunities for you, please know you have options. Note that the financial service community, especially those already involved in the area of socially responsible investing (SRI), are aware of the divestment campaign and are scaling up to respond. Green America maintains a list of fossil free investment options and The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment maintains these resources showing which managers and mutual funds are fossil free: Sustainable & Responsible Mutual Fund Chart & Separate Account Managers Chart (click on screening and advocacy for fossil free options that might weight “sustainable” investments).

FossilFree_Graphics6Step 3: Look at fee structures, find out what’s best for you

How are my fees structured now, and how will they change with a move to a fossil free investment strategy? For a successful personal divestment campaign, you should identify the investment management approach that works best for you and “do the math” on fees to make sure your expectations are met. See our section on fees.

Step 4: Consider investing in a sustainable clean energy future

How can I reinvest in climate solutions? There are several funds that focus a reinvestment strategy on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate mitigation and adaptation infrastructure. Here are some great resource to get you started as a climate solutions investor: