About Fossil Free

  • No new fossil fuel projects

  • A fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

How do we win?

If we take back local power and pass fossil free resolutions demanding an immediate halt to all new fossil fuel projects and commitment to 100% renewable energy for all, we can build a groundswell of support across the country at all levels of government to secure a fast and just transition to an equitable and fossil free world.


The Problem We Face

Climate change is an urgent threat to our society, government and everything we love. We are seeing the impacts of a warming world all around us: cities flooded, neighborhoods burned to the ground, entire islands devastated.

The science is clear. Man made climate change is wreaking havoc across the world, and it will get worse every moment we fail to do something about it. But we have known about climate change for decades and have had the solutions to for nearly as long. The real problem is our politics.

Fossil fuel executives responsible for the problem have lied to the public for nearly half a century about what they knew about climate change and their role in the crisis. They have poured millions and millions of dollars into misinformation campaigns, seeding widespread doubts about the realities of the problem. They have given even more money to elected officials and political campaigns, ensuring that our government would look the other way, and even grant government funding, while their business poisoned water, dirtied air and destroyed communities.

The Future We Want

Climate change is a massive problem, and it needs a massive solution. In order to build a better world for everyone, we will need bold, sweeping action at the highest levels of government.

We see a world where people and the planet we depend on are put first — above CEO salaries or shady political deals. It’s a world where there are solar panels on every roof, wind turbines across our Great Plains, clean air and water for all, affordable public transportation, and tens of millions of new jobs in renewable energy. It’s a peaceful and prosperous place, where a government by and for the people mitigates the causes of climate change, and helps communities devastated by its impacts recover.

It’s a more just world free from fossil fuels, powered by clean energy for all.

How We Get There

Fossil fuel corporations and the politicians they employ will not take necessary action to address this crisis if they are left to their own devices. The economic and political status quo, built on the continuing dependence on fossil fuels, is a barrier to progress.

In order to break through that barrier, we need to build a massive movement of people who are ready to pressure our politicians, run candidates for office, pass laws at the state and local level and confront the fossil fuel industry head on.

We know to take on the climate crisis, we are going to need bold action from all levels of government. In order to achieve that, we must build a groundswell of public support for the action we need: a fair and fast transition to 100% renewable energy and a ban on all new fossil fuel projects.

We will begin building that groundswell at the local level, and galvanize this public support by passing resolutions at every level of government.

We will pass resolutions by knocking on doors, talking to our neighbors, pressuring our elected officials, marching, rallying and participating in civil disobedience.