About Fossil Free

  • No new fossil fuel projects

  • A fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

Our Demands

The only way we get the world we want is to demand it. We believe that action on these demands will lead to a prosperous and just world.

We demand a fast and just transition to a fossil free world that:

  • Stops new fossil fuel projects.
  • Creates 100% renewable energy for all.

Climate change is a big, complicated problem. But if these demands are acted upon, we will be well on our way to avoiding its worst impacts and builder a cleaner, more just world.

No New Fossil Fuel Projects


We need to stop burning coal, oil and gas, which means we need to stop building fossil fuel projects that will lock us into a dirty energy system. This means no more pipelines, no more fracking wells and no more offshore drilling. We can’t dig it up, we can’t burn it and we can’t let the projects that incentivize more extraction be built. Fossil fuel projects don’t just add to the climate crisis, they threaten drinking water, air quality and the property rights of surrounding communities, who are almost always low income or communities of color. Leaders from the fields of Nebraska to the bayous of the Gulf Coast are hard at work stopping pipelines and dirty projects, and we need to make sure elected officials everywhere say “no” to each and every proposed fossil fuel project.

100% Renewables for All


Together, we must transform our energy system to run on 100% clean energy for all. Never before have we had all the solutions we need so close at hand — solar panels and wind turbines can provide enough energy to meet all of our needs many times over. We have the technology, we just need the political will to put those solutions into action. Transforming our energy system doesn’t just mean we get energy that doesn’t contribute to the climate crisis or poison local communities, it’s also a huge opportunity to create millions of good well-paying jobs.

A Fast and Just Transition


We believe in a world with a healthy climate, free society and equitable economy. We don’t want to leave anyone behind in the transition of our energy system — whether it is people currently working in the fossil fuel industry, communities facing climate impacts, or communities who have historically dealt with environmental degradation and economic exploitation. We demand the government retrain and rehire workers, make clean energy jobs accessible to everyone, and ensure that communities who have had to bear the brunt of climate change and dirty fossil fuel projects are given economic opportunities and the resources they need to recover from climate impacts. As we prioritize those most impacted, we will work to hold accountable those who have profited off climate change — both in judicial courts and the court of public opinion.