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Despite overwhelming public opposition, state authorities in Nebraska – backed by Trump and the fossil fuel industry – just gave TransCanada a permit to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline – but it’s not the route they wanted. Everyday for the last several years we’ve stopped TransCanada and kept tar sands in the ground. We’re going to keep stopping them.

Join the Promise to Protect and commit to traveling to the pipeline route to engage in peaceful, creative resistance to Keystone XL when the call is put out by frontline communities to help stop this Black Snake. We will make a series of stands along the route – nonviolent but resolute displays of our continued opposition to a project that endangers us all. Join native and non-native communities in the Promise to Protect the land, water, and climate.

As we mobilize to stop new fossil fuel projects and demand 100% renewable energy for all, we must stand in solidarity and take action across our movements. By taking action, we put pressure on key stakeholders, raise awareness of our movement, and bring new people into the fight for a fast and just transition to a fossil free world.

Use this page to stay up-to-date about Fossil Free mobilizations.

Principle #1:

We Believe in Climate Justice

Climate change isn’t a distant, abstract problem — it’s a present, material problem affecting people all over the world. The fight against climate change is a fight for justice.

That means listening to and following the leadership of communities on the frontlines of this crisis.

Principle #2:

We’re Stronger When We Collaborate

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced, and we are all going to have to work together to solve it.

That means bringing people together from all sectors of society, using all our creativity and leadership, and building strong diverse coalitions to pressure governments and stand up to fossil fuel elites.

Principle #3:

Mass Mobilizations Make Change

We know world governments won’t solve this problem on their own. We need to get out in the streets and make our voices heard — that is how we demonstrate our power as a movement, and that is how we force governments to follow our lead.

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