“Our fight is not simply with the carbon in the sky, but with the powers on the ground.”

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The climate crisis doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

It grows from the same cultural and economic roots as systemic racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia. If we’re going to take on the fight for climate justice and win, we can’t just focus on carbon in the atmosphere. We need a diverse movement committed to justice for us all, and that takes intention. Read on for resources on how to show up for these interrelated struggles and work for collective liberation, even as we take on the climate crisis.* We encourage you to do your own research and study, as well.

*Note: The student fossil fuel divestment movement is multiracial, and looks different on each campus, but because many campaigns are white-led or majority white, we’re sharing resources that we think will support groups in accountability organizing and intersectional analysis. We also wanted to include a few resources for white organizers to learn more about how racism impacts individuals and our organizing communities, and some foundations for individual anti-racist work.