New York Divests from Fossil Fuels! 

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Thank you Gov Cuomo & Comptroller Stringer

After more than five years of inspiring and creative campaigning from the climate movement, the New York City and State pensions are moving forward to freeze new investments in fossil fuels and divest.

This victory is huge. Combined, the city and state pension funds are worth a whopping $390 billion, making this the largest pension coal, oil and gas divestment in THE WORLD.

This is a major win for New Yorkers, but it is also an undeniable victory for all of us. We’ve been stigmatizing the fossil fuel industry through divestment for years and fighting for our communities -- and we are winning.

Let’s take a moment to thank Governor Cuomo and Comptroller Stringer. This helps support their decision to divest, and will hold them accountable to make this commitment a reality. Sign the thank you letter, or edit with your own words. 

Governor Cuomo and Comptroller Stringer: 

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New York City is rising up for divestment – check here for images from all of the amazing work of the #DivestNY coalition!

 Divest NY Events & #Sandy5 Mobilization


Why New York?

The world is watching New York. Under the regressive Trump administration, we need NY to be a true beacon of safety and sanctuary, but New York city and state pension investments in oil, gas and coal companies fueling the climate crisis stand in the way. ExxonMobil is one of New York State pensions’s largest investments at over $1billion, even as its own Attorney General Eric Schneiderman leads the charge in investigating the corporation for what could be the worst case of corporate fraud in history. The state has over $5 billion invested in companies that frack – poisoning our water, destroying our lands – even though fracking is banned across the state. This is double talk worthy of a Trump not NY. We need New York to step into its climate leadership and inspire a nation.

How much $ are we talking?

The total combined value of the New York City and State is more than $390 billion, making these amongst the largest pension funds in the United States and world. With more than $15 billion invested in fossil fuel companies like Exxon, Enbridge, Chevron and the companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline – the city and state funds are certainly fueling climate destruction. One of the largest holdings in the state and city funds is the infamous ExxonMobil. Read more about the NY Pension Funds.

What is fossil fuel divestment anyway?

Read more about it here.

What’s wrong with the fossil fuel industry?

We all live in the fossil fuel era, but it needs to come to an end, and soon — before more irreparable damage is done to our world. Fossil fuels are the main driver of climate change, and behind other major catastrophes such as oil spills, air pollution, contaminated drinking water from fracking, etc. Moreover, companies like ExxonMobil are under investigation for having deliberately misled the public, shareholders and governments over climate change science and risk for decades to protect their profits.

#DivestNY Updates

New York State’s Dirty Investments’s Senior Global Analyst Brett Fleishman looks into the holdings of NYS’s pension system

New York City to Divest Billions and Sue Big Oil Companies

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio makes globally impactful announcement in the fight to stop climate change. NYC will divest $5bn from fossil fuels and launches litigation against some of the world largest oil companies.

New York City and State plan to #DivestNY’s $390 billion pensions from fossil fuels: “an undeniable victory for the global divestment movement”

After 5 years of campaigning, New York shows leadership and acts to speed up the transition away from fossil fuels.

New York Comptroller Mailed 800 Handwritten Notes from Carnegie Hall Climate Concert

At the Pathway to Paris climate concert at Carnegie Hall, founder Bill McKibben asked everyone to take a moment to write a note to Comptroller Stringer asking him to DivestNY from fossil fuels.

Winds of Change: Five Thousand New Yorkers Rise for Climate Action at #Sandy5 March

March was a bold call for real climate action five years after Superstorm Sandy

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