Steps to Winning a Campaign

A step-by-step guide to launching and winning a campaign – get started:

Intro How to use this guide Step 1 Plan events and meetings in your town and city Step 2 Start building the groundswell Step 3 Develop your campaign plan Step 4 Kick off your campaign
Step 5 Actions + escalation Step 6 Introduce the resolution Step 7 More action and escalation! Step 8 Negotiate with your target Step 9 Win!
 Kick off your campaign.

Announce your campaign. We suggest a press conference with your team and partners, followed by a day of organizing. This could look like sending folks door-to-door to collect petition signatures. Make sure to meet afterwards to close the loop!

Deliver your message to your target. Set goals for petition signatures and statements of support. When you reach them, bring them to your target to open the conversation! [Note: There’ll be other meetings, we suggest starting politely, but firmly.]


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