Steps to Winning a Campaign

A step-by-step guide to launching and winning a campaign – get started:

Intro How to use this guide Step 1 Plan events and meetings in your town and city Step 2 Start building the groundswell Step 3 Develop your campaign plan Step 4 Kick off your campaign
Step 5 Actions + escalation Step 6 Introduce the resolution Step 7 More action and escalation! Step 8 Negotiate with your target Step 9 Win!
Start building the groundswell.

     Get people to sign your petition.

Build partnerships with stakeholders in your community. Each place is unique, but here are a few good places to start:

      • The fossil fuel resistance map for active fights against local fossil fuel projects.
      • If you’re not part of a local 350 group, check out this map to see if there’s an existing 350 local group near you!
      • Look for organizations in your community working on climate or environmental justice (here is a list of the Climate Justice Alliance’s member groups).
      • Think about other local progressive organizations that may support your efforts. Are there local chapters of Indivisible, MoveOn, NAACP, People’s Action, Center for Community Change, etc.?
      • Are there any local faith communities who are active on climate or other justice issues?
      • Are there local colleges or universities with active student climate or environmental clubs?

Secure local commitments.  Secure statements of support from local organizations, faith communities, businesses, community leaders, etc. One way to do this is with a sign on letter that folks can add their names to (we like using google forms to easily capture sign-ons).


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