Steps to Winning a Campaign

A step-by-step guide to launching and winning a campaign – get started:

Intro How to use this guide Step 1 Plan events and meetings in your town and city Step 2 Start building the groundswell Step 3 Develop your campaign plan Step 4 Kick off your campaign
Step 5 Actions + escalation Step 6 Introduce the resolution Step 7 More action and escalation! Step 8 Negotiate with your target Step 9 Win!
Plan events and meetings in your town/city.

Start convening a team of people who are excited about the campaign together, and always be inviting new people in.

     This is where you want to set the basics of your campaign. Things like your goal, and target.

From there, you can set up a petition using this petition tool to help you build public support for your goals (and to grow your list of people who may want to join your team).

Campaign Planning Guide 

How to Run a Meeting

Research Worksheet

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