The Trump administration announced earlier this month it would open nearly all coastal waters to new oil and gas drilling. As a Gulf Coast resident, advocate, and mother of six – this hits close to home. Literally.

With Trump and his fossil fuel billionaire friends in power, our work to build a Fossil Free world at the local level is more urgent than ever. That’s why I’ll be speaking at the Fossil Free Fast live event on January 31st to share my story and help chart a bold plan for climate action in 2018.

Join me via livestream during the Fossil Free Fast live event on January 31st — join a watch party near you or sign up to host one.

After the BP oil spill in 2010, I hitched a ride with a fisherman into the Gulf of Mexico to see the damage for myself. I saw brown sludge bubbling up along the surface of the ocean and realized I couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer. Since then my home has been flooded twice by climate disasters.

For the last year, I’ve been fighting to stop the Bayou Bridge pipeline that would endanger my community, the climate, and over 700 waterways. It’s been an uphill battle, but it’s shown me that we all have to take up this fight – and when we do it together, we pose the greatest threat to the fossil fuel industry and create the alternate vision for the future we want.

I’ve learned so much while fighting for my community, and I want to share those lessons with you.

Find a watch party near you and join with others to plan how you will win bold climate action in your community.

Fossil Free Fast will feature organizers who’ve led successful campaigns for 100% renewables in their cities, activists who are fighting fossil fuel projects like pipelines, and elected leaders who are pushing for climate action. By tuning in, you’ll hear crucial lessons learned and key next steps you can take into the fight to build a Fossil Free world in your community (including how to start or join a group, find events in your area, or join a remote support team).

Along with myself, the event will feature Senator Bernie Sanders, co-founder Bill McKibben, Rev. Lennox Yearwood from Hip Hop Caucus, Jacqueline Patterson from the NAACP, Adriana Voss-Andreae from 350PDX, Varshini Prakash from the Sunrise Movement, Jessica Lorena Rangel from Eyes of a Dreamer, and many more exciting speakers and performances.

Together, we can build the Fossil Free world we need, with a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

If you’d like to get involved in the fight to stop the Bayou Bridge pipeline, watch the video below to learn more and add your name to the Pledge to Resist and we’ll follow up with opportunities to support.

Energy Transfer Partners taking private land for their profit!

Posted by Cherri Foytlin on Saturday, January 6, 2018