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Q&A with Bill McKibben on corporate engagement

Here’s a great piece on shareholder engagement from Responsible Investor: Responsible Investor Interview:’s Bill McKibben on why engagement isn’t an

Divestment, Jumbo Style

Here’s a guest-post from divestment organizers at Tufts. They had a busy fall semester kicking off their Go Fossil Free

High School Students Divest

We’ve been hearing a lot from High School students who want their schools to divest. Check out this compelling letter

Playing Offense

This article by Bill McKibben appeared in The Christian Century Jan 02, 2013 by Bill McKibben  The pipeline blockaders in the piney

Our Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year! Most colleges and universities won’t be back in session for another couple weeks, but the Fossil Free

Semester Wrap-Up!

It’s been an amazing freshman semester for the Go Fossil Free campaign. Check out this update that we’re sending out