Train your base

Training is an important way to grow the size and impact of your work. Here you’ll find resources and tips to train your base.

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Train your base

Training is an integral part of any campaign. The Act-Recruit-Train cycle is a great way to think about your campaign structure, and training is what makes it possible to repeat the cycle over and over again, and grow the size and impact of your work.

At it’s core, training is teaching — a way to pass along skills and political frameworks, develop leaders, and share the work more equitably with your team.

Make sure to practice and think through how to break it down to someone new. Asking questions to training participants is key — tap into what the people you’re training already know.

More advanced training, like facilitating a full-day strategy session or leading an anti-oppression training, takes lots of skill and practice. Please consider bringing in an outside trainer or attending a training for trainers to develop your own skills.

  • Say you and your team have collected 100 petition signatures, and recruited five new people who want to join the campaign. Now it’s time to train them!
  • Start with a one-on-one to understand how their personal experiences drew them to divestment work in the first place.
  • Then you can give them a short training on the theory of change of the campaign and an overview of the campaign plan.
  • Now that the groundwork is laid, it’s time to do a training on how to most effectively gather petition signatures.
  • Now you have five more people who know the campaign plan and are skilled up to collect petition signatures!