Make sure to celebrate the little victories along the way, and keep us in the loop so we can help spread the good news far and wide!

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Preparing for a win

There are a lot of components of good campaigning, and at times it may seem like we’ll never get there — but rest assured that we can and will win!

When we do, it’s time to celebrate! The power of the divestment campaign is in its public message, so all wins (even if only a stepping stone to a larger victory) should be shouted out as loudly as possible.

You may know in advance when a decision and potential win is going to happen, so make sure you’ve got as much material as possible lined up before hand. Some steps to think about:

  • Let the team, as well as your other networks, know about key decisions coming up (even if the outcome is uncertain) so people can be ready to share.
  • Have a press release ready to go with quotes from local spokespeople and decision makers. If you’re waiting on a decision, having multiple press releases prepared for different outcomes can be useful for a quick response! To see some examples, check out the Fossil Free USA media page.
  • Get a blog post and social media memes ready to push out!