The Global Divestment Mobilisation was an incredibly powerful moment to witness, and testament to the determination of people everywhere to stand up to the power of the fossil fuel industry. A huge thank you to all of you who organised, or attended, or amplified in some way.

But our movement is bigger than this moment. From here – buoyed by this success and inspiration from around the globe – we’ll keep organising locally, building our power and escalating our campaigns to free our institutions from the grip of the fossil fuel industry.

There are loads of ways to get involved – here are our top 4 ways to take on the fossil fuel industry right now!

1. Call on your parliamentary candidate to divest

In the run-up to elections, we’re asking parliamentary candidates to sign the Divest Parliament pledge. Email your local candidates now to make sure they’ve signed, and keep climate change on the agenda this election.

On June 10th and 11th, the Divest Parliament volunteer team are having a ‘training and strategising session’ – this is a chance to learn the latest skills on lobbying MPs and join the dynamic national campaign team to hit the ground running after the elections. Travel and accommodation will be covered – register now to take part!

2. Get canvassing for the General Election

Democracy needs you. With just 17 days to go, it’s time to find your local party and support canvassing efforts if you can. And today is your last chance to register to vote – do it online now.

3. Join a divestment campaign near you

With a fresh round of councillors in many areas following local elections, and big shifts happening in how our council pension funds are being run, there’s never been a more important time to push your local council to divest.

There are local divestment campaigns all over the country waiting for you with open arms. Find one near you (or start your own if there isn’t one – there’s lots of resources and support to help).

And in October, we’ll be re-releasing data showing where all of our councils are invested… get ready to turn up the heat!

4. Get ready for a summer of anti-fracking at the Rolling Resistance in Lancashire

Works have started to prepare the first commercial fracking site in the UK at Preston New Road in Lancashire. This summer, Reclaim the Power will be mobilising and supporting people to join the incredible local resistance efforts in the ‘Rolling Resistance’ for the whole month of July. Join a mass demo, build your own blockade or help making the tea – everyone is welcome so get ready to come and support.

Thanks again for everything you did to make the Global Divestment Mobilisation the powerful moment it was. I look forward to working with you as we build our movement to take on the fossil fuel industry.