As we continue to reflect on the whirlwind that was the Paris climate summit, one thing remains clear: getting the solutions we need means building even more momentum and bringing the pressure home. It means building our power, demanding truly just climate solutions and breaking our ties with the fossil industry once and for all.

On 12-13th February people all around the country will be ‘showing their love’ for the climate, and taking action in their communities to divest from fossil fuels – join them!

Find out more and get involved through the Show the Love page.


From our local councils to our places of worship, our universities to our employers – we’re all connected to institutions that shouldn’t be propping up the fossil fuel industry. As Valentine’s day approaches, we’ll be building the pressure for 100% renewable energy within a generation and a fossil free future: calling on our local and national institutions to ‘show the love’ by divesting from fossil fuels.

Whether you’re part of a divestment campaign already, or thinking about that first step – now is the time to take action together.

It could be a photo stunt, a film screening, a public petition drive or a hand-in – any action big or small helps put pressure on targets and build our movement.  And it is all the more powerful when take coordinated action together across the UK. HACKNEY
Wherever you are on the divestment journey, there are plenty of resources and advice on hand, and an action map to add your ideas and events to.

In one month, get ready to show your love for our climate and divest from fossil fuels. Stick it in the diary, and get planning an action near you!

Paris is finished, but our movement is just getting started.

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