Wow. This is a big one. A year on from the Paris agreement and it’s just been revealed that the divestment movement has doubled in size since September 2015, and the next big global mobilisation has been called for May!

The Divest-Invest report out today shows that global commitments to divest have reached 688 institutions across 76 countries, representing $5 trillion in assets under management. This is huge.

What started as a few campaigns on university campuses has now become a mainstream, global movement permeating many sectors of society and putting the fossil fuel industry on the backfoot like never before. Fossil Free commitments and campaigns come from all types of institutions: universities and pension funds, to faith-based groups and health organisations, to the insurance sector and cultural institutions, and more.



Exactly a year since the Paris deal was signed, these big numbers are a testament to the incredible organising happening in communities around the world, and are a cause for celebration. When our governments aren’t acting fast enough, we don’t give up.

And we don’t stop here. As climate impacts continue to ravage parts of the planet, it’s more critical than ever that we bring the moral urgency of divesting from fossil fuels back into the spotlight and that our institutions — especially at the local level — step up to break free from fossil fuel companies.


As we celebrate the strength of our movement, we announce the next big step along the way – a Global Divestment Mobilisation in May 2017.

From 5-13 May 2017 will be the chance for all of us around the world to push for divestment together. We’ll shine a spotlight on the impacts of the fossil fuel industry, and escalate the call for governments and other institutions to divest.

Put 5th – 13th May in your diaries right now for a Global Divestment Mobilisation on a whole new level.

There’ll be more information to follow. For now I just want to congratulate every single one of you that’s been involved in this effort so far. Whether you’ve been owning a local fight for years, or simply sharing the news with networks, it’s lovely to be part of this movement with you.

Campaigning can be hard. It can be boring, it can be difficult, it can feel like you’re getting nowhere. But it can also be hugely rewarding. Today is one of those moments, and I hope you can enjoy this victory. The road is long, but it’s more fun if you feel like you’re winning.

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