(pdf) Investing for the Future, Divesting Local Councils
An introductory briefing for local councillors on divestment ahead of the May 2017 local council elections across the UK. View/Download
(pdf) Blackrock: Adapting Portfolios to Climate Change
Concise report covering why and how to adapt investment portfolios to climate risk. View/Download
(pdf) Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Briefing for Councillors
Briefing on the 'what, why and how' of divestment aimed at neutral or supportive local government decision-makers (particularly councillors). View/Download
(Document) West Yorkshire Pension Fund Campaign Report
Report to the West Yorkshire Pension Fund committee breaking down the case for divestment. View/Download
(pdf) FoE Briefing on Local Government Pension Divestment
Briefing from Friends of the Earth on the campaign to divest local government pensions from January 2016. View/Download
(pdf) Newton Investment Management Report on Fossil Fuel Screening
Report from respected investment management firm showing that there is no detrimental financial impact to screening out fossil fuels from an investment portfolio. View/Download
(pdf) ShareAction Asset Managers Survey
Survey of the Responsible Investment practices of the UK's largest fund and investment managers - most are inadequate in evaluating carbon risk. View/Download
(pdf) Reinvesting Pension – Community Reinvest Report
This report has been produced to assist councillors, local government staff, pension holders and the wider public to understand how we can reinvest to build a new economy. View/Download