(pdf) Investing for the Future, Divesting Local Councils
An introductory briefing for local councillors on divestment ahead of the May 2017 local council elections across the UK. View/Download
(pdf) Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Briefing for Councillors
Briefing on the 'what, why and how' of divestment aimed at neutral or supportive local government decision-makers (particularly councillors). View/Download
(Document) West Yorkshire Pension Fund Campaign Report
Report to the West Yorkshire Pension Fund committee breaking down the case for divestment. View/Download
(pdf) FoE Briefing on Local Government Pension Divestment
Briefing from Friends of the Earth on the campaign to divest local government pensions from January 2016. View/Download
(pdf) Divest Hackney Financial Presentation
A slideshow from Divest Hackney outlining the financial case for divesting the Hackney Pension Fund. View/Download
(pdf) Trade Union Briefing by Platform
Platform has just launched a new briefing to help trade union members in the UK push their local authority pension fund to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest into progressive, sustainable alternatives. View/Download
(pdf) Environment Agency Pension Fund statement on divestment policy
Announcement from the EAPF to reduce exposure to coal by 90% and oil/gas by 50% for moral and financial reasons. The first public pension fund in the UK to make a divestment commitment based on these principles. View/Download
(Video) #DivestUK Web Workshop – Local Authority Campaigning
Get tips on local authority campaigning from Fossil Free Oxfordshire and 350.org View/Download