(pdf) ‘Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Practical Introduction’ – MSCI Report
Practical briefing on how to divest your portfolio from MSCI View/Download
(pdf) Blackrock: Adapting Portfolios to Climate Change
Concise report covering why and how to adapt investment portfolios to climate risk. View/Download
(pdf) Newton Investment Management Report on Fossil Fuel Screening
Report from respected investment management firm showing that there is no detrimental financial impact to screening out fossil fuels from an investment portfolio. View/Download
(pdf) ShareAction Asset Managers Survey
Survey of the Responsible Investment practices of the UK's largest fund and investment managers - most are inadequate in evaluating carbon risk. View/Download
(pdf) Divest Hackney Financial Presentation
A slideshow from Divest Hackney outlining the financial case for divesting the Hackney Pension Fund. View/Download
(pdf) ‘Developing an Asset Owner Climate Change Strategy’ by PRI
Report from Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) exploring different options for managing carbon risk in portfolios including sections on divestment/negative screening and reinvestment. View/Download
(pdf) Kepler Cheuvreux Report on Oil Prices and Stranded Assets
Until now, concern over new high-cost oil projects potentially becoming stranded in future has focused on the risk should prices fall. However, there is another dimension to stranded-asset risk, namely the risk posed by a scenario of sustained higher oil prices over the longer term. View/Download
(pdf) MSCI FAQ on divestment finance
Brief summary of financial arguments for divestment from MSCI - useful as a resource to give to decision-makers View/Download
(pdf) FTSE financial advice on divestment
Brief summary of arguments for reducing the exposure of portfolios to fossil fuels from FTSE View/Download