(pdf) Investing for the Future, Divesting Local Councils
An introductory briefing for local councillors on divestment ahead of the May 2017 local council elections across the UK. View/Download
(pdf) ‘Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Practical Introduction’ – MSCI Report
Practical briefing on how to divest your portfolio from MSCI View/Download
(pdf) Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Briefing for Councillors
Briefing on the 'what, why and how' of divestment aimed at neutral or supportive local government decision-makers (particularly councillors). View/Download
(Document) West Yorkshire Pension Fund Campaign Report
Report to the West Yorkshire Pension Fund committee breaking down the case for divestment. View/Download
(pdf) MSCI FAQ on divestment finance
Brief summary of financial arguments for divestment from MSCI - useful as a resource to give to decision-makers View/Download
(pdf) FTSE financial advice on divestment
Brief summary of arguments for reducing the exposure of portfolios to fossil fuels from FTSE View/Download
(pdf) Briefing for London Assembly
A comprehensive briefing for the London Assembly on fossil fuel divestment from Divest London. View/Download
(pdf) Financial Briefing for Edinburgh City Council
A briefing prepared by Friends of the Earth Scotland for Edinburgh City Council on the financial and environmental case for fossil fuel divestment. View/Download