September 19, 2014

Creative actions to confront fossil fuel industry at People’s Climate March London

London — On Sunday, 21 September a Fossil Free Bloc at the People’s Climate March London will take creative action to demand divestment from fossil fuels and the end of the industry’s interference in politics. The event is part of the biggest climate mobilisation in world history ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York.

WHAT: Creative actions – Fossil Free Bloc at People’s Climate March London

WHEN: Sunday, 21 September, 10.15 – 15.00

WHERE: Central London

Follow actions live @fossilfreeuk, #fossilfree


  • Demonstrations at 3 major London Universities demanding divestment from fossil fuels
    • 10.15 am: LSE students to chalk a divestment message along the University’s central thoroughfare, surrounded by ‘carbon bubbles’, representing the financial risk of investing in fossil fuels (Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE)
    • 10.45 am: UCL students to create dystopian fossil fuel landscape with fake power station towers and oil slicks, playing on the ‘Change the World’ slogan of the engineering department, and the £14.5m invested by the University in the Fossil Fuel industry. (Main UCL Quad, WC1E 6BT)
    • 12.30pm: Giant 5m carbon bubble bounced off the side of University buildings in protest at the universities fossil fuel investments in relation to its mission to provide ‘economic, social and cultural value to society’ against £8.1m fossil fuel investments (Macadam Building, Surrey Street, WC2R 2NS)


  • A ‘Fossil Free Bloc’ comprised of groups campaigning against fossil fuel extraction, for the end of art sponsorship by fossil fuel companies and fossil fuel divestment will leave from Kings College, Macadam Building, WC2R 2NS at 12.45pm with:
    • Giant Carbon Bubbles for a volleyball match outside Parliament demanding ‘real leaders divest’
    • A Viking long-ship challenging BP sponsorship of the arts
    • Christian, Jewish and Medical groups making appeals for divestment
    • Vivienne Westwood in attendance


  • 14.30 pm: A protest at Conservative Party Headquarters after the march will highlight climate denying MPs and links to the fossil fuel industry (4 Matthew Parker Street, SW1H)


Danielle Paffard of the new group Divest London says: ‘The giant carbon bubbles represent the enormous volume of reserves the fossil fuel industry has on its books already and intends to burn. That’s five times more than our climate can take. The business model of this industry is dead set against planetary survival. For public institutions to remain invested in fossil fuel companies is morally bankrupt.’

‘We’re here to demand action not words from politicians, and remind the world that real leaders must divest from fossil fuels. Over the coming months we’ll be increasing the pressure on public institutions to distance themselves from this rogue industry,’ she adds.

The ‘carbon bubble’ also refers to the financial risk posed to investors by the overvaluation of fossil fuel company shares in a carbon constrained world.

Tim Ratcliffe, Europe divestment coordinator at says: ‘Lobbying by fossil fuel companies has been one of the biggest blockers to meaningful action on climate change, and we know they’ll be around the table at this summit too. The Fossil Free Bloc is about standing up to the power of the industry, and stigmatising their role in politics. We need to do to Big Oil what was done to Big Tabacco, and keep them out of decision making that affects all of our lives as well as their profit.’

Thousands of people are expected at the People’s Climate March London. Globally, more than 2,700 People’s Climate events are taking place in over 150 countries. The biggest event will take place in New York, where over 100,000 people are expected.



For more information about the Fossil Free Bloc, filming details and interviews, contact:

Danielle Paffard:, 07979817888


For more information about the People’s Climate March London in general, contact:

Bert Wander,, 07968017731