February 11, 2016

50 actions for Fossil Fuel Divestment around the UK in mobilisation to ‘Show the Love’ for the climate

Media Advisory – immediate release, 11th Feb, 2016

50 actions for Fossil Fuel Divestment around the UK in mobilisation to ‘Show the Love’ for the climate

Local residents, health professionals and students in 50 actions around the UK over the weekend from 12-14th February are calling for local governments and universities to divest from fossil fuels. This is the most widespread day of coordinated pressure from the UK divestment movement to date.

Actions designed to pressure decision makers range from photo stunts to occupations to public awareness raising:

LONDON – ‘Lifeboats flotilla’ rally at City Hall to highlight the contradictions between the impacts of climate change on London, and the billions flowing into fossil fuel companies from the capital’s public institutions. (12pm, 14th Feb). Students from UCL and LSE, are teaming up with the Belarus Free Theater to set a 300m Red Line calling on their universities to fully divest from fossil fuels and stop supporting the destruction of Indigenous and frontline communities. (12.30pm, 12th Feb).

YORKSHIRE & LANCASHIRE – Members of ‘Fossil Free West Yorkshire’ will be visiting the Pension Fund offices in Bradford dressed as cleaners to tell the West Yorkshire Pension Fund to ‘clean up their act’ and divest from fossil fuels (2pm, 13th Feb) Students will join local fracking campaigners to protest Barclays owned fracking company, Third Energy’s plans to start fracking in the area (12.00pm, 12th Feb)

NORTHERN IRELAND – Students at Queen’s University Belfast are marking the day by forming a human chain to spell out DIVEST in the iconic Lanyon Building as part of a fun and festive day to show the huge support on campus for divestment.

PLYMOUTH – Students at Plymouth University are doing a ‘very British’ protest dressing up as penguins and getting bystanders to throw ‘oily’ sponges at them to draw attention to their campaign.

Full list of actions available on request.

Ellen Gibson, Divestment Coordinator, 350.org says;

‘Promises in Paris mean nothing if they don’t drive action back at home. Our institutions must take a stand on action against climate change by divesting from fossil fuels. This moment is here to show the British public want action.’

Naia Lopez, People & Planet, added;

‘Our actions this week are part of a global movement led by front-line communities that have been calling for fossil fuels to be kept in the ground. If universities and banks continue to profit from wrecking the climate and poisoning communities, they show a complete disregard for climate science and the rights of those most affected by extreme energy development.’

The divestment actions are part of the ‘Show the Love’ moment coordinated by The Climate Coalition, where the British public shows the love for the people and places it wants to protect from climate change. Premiership football clubs, designers, schoolchildren, celebrities, churches, ramblers and businesses will all be making, wearing or sharing green hearts to kick start the conversations about action on climate change.

The Day of Action coincides with the annual Go Green Week for student climate action.


Ellen Gibson, 350.org – ellen@350.org, 07981277248

Naia Lopez, People & Planet – naia.bazinlopez@peopleandplanet.org, +44 (0)1865 264 180


  1. The fossil fuel divestment movement is the fastest growing divestment movement the world has ever seen, and so far $3.4 trillion has been divested, with commitments from major universities, pension funds and foundations

  2. Show the Love is an initiative from the Climate Coalition, the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and 100% clean energy within a generation. For more information, go to: http://fortheloveof.org.uk/show-the-love-green-hearts/

  3. Show the Love press release

  4. In Feb 2015 a ‘Global Divestment Day’ saw 450 actions take place across 60 countries, with 45 in the UK