Fossil Free London

Cutting the city’s ties to the fossil fuel industry

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A new collaboration of groups campaigning for social, economic and environmental justice across London – we’re working together to cut our city’s ties with the fossil fuel industry.

If you want to better our city and fight climate breakdown but have never been sure how, this group is for you.

Recent events


Who We Are

Some of the groups involved in Fossil Free London…


Divest Parliament

Your MP’s pension fund is invested in the worlds biggest fossil fuel companies. If we’re going to stop climate change from happening, 80% of this fossil fuel needs to be left in the ground. Email them from

Switched On London

We’re calling on the Greater London Authority to set up a publicly owned energy company as a clean, affordable and democratic alternative to the Big Six.

BP or not BP?

‘Our regular activists’ – BP

‘They don’t half get in the way’ – British Museum staff

‘The cream of London’s agit-prop groups’ – FT


Divest London

Want to get involved in the campaign to kick fossil fuel investments out of our city’s pension funds? Message the page or email [email protected] for details about meetings and how we organise.


Fuel Poverty Action

A grassroots campaign taking action against mammoth fuel bills and working towards an affordable, sustainable and democratic energy system.

Fossil Free UCL

UCL, break ties with the fossil fuel industry – JOIN THE MAILING LIST:

Fossil Free UK

A rapidly growing movement calling on institutions to show leadership on climate change and divest from the fossil fuel industry.

War on Want

War on Want fights against the root causes of poverty and human rights violations, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice.

People & Planet

Student action on human rights, world poverty and the environment – join us!

Current campaigns: Fossil Free, Sweatshop Free