This page brings together all of the simple, quick and effective actions anyone can take to oppose the government’s proposal to fast-track fracking by classifying drilling for shale gas as ‘permitted development’. You can make a difference by taking these steps! Here they are:

Get involved locally

The Let Communities Decide Week of Action runs October 8th-14th, with events and actions happening across the country. Find an event near you here.

If you’re interested in campaigning on the issue in your community, get in touch with [email protected] and he can provide some support and guidance.

Sign a petition

There are a few petitions opposing the government’s proposals.

Respond to the public consultation

The public consultation on the principle of classifying exploratory drilling for shale gas as ‘permitted development’ is open until 25th October 2018. Unfortunately it has been misleadingly worded and is a bit of a minefield.

Here is the link to that public consultation – but don’t go there alone! Thankfully dedicated souls have devoted time to unpicking its codes and provided guidelines to help you to respond appropriately:

Contact your MP and councillors

Enrolling our local MPs and councillors to carry the fight on this issue is crucial in building the pressure that will. Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for taking action on this crucial issue and make sure to check out the Let Communities Decide website for loads more information and resources.

Photo credit: A Grosdidier