Preventing dangerous climate change means leaving 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground. If our politicians are serious about tackling climate change, they shouldn’t be investing in them.

Today we launch ‘Divest Parliament’ – a campaign to ask the MPs Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels and support our transition to a sustainable economy.

Please ask your MP to show leadership on climate action and responsible investment and sign the divestment pledge!

A group of cross-party MPs has been talking to the MPs Pension Fund about climate risk and responsible investment for two years now, but the Trustees aren’t listening and broke off communications in November. Building on their work, now it’s time to go public and get more MPs involved.

‘Divest Parliament’ is about building support for divestment across MPs, and showing the Pension Fund that its members do care about climate change and where their money is being invested. It’s a chance to talk to MPs about why climate change matters to constituents and why we need more action.

By divesting their pension fund, MPs have an opportunity to show leadership on climate action and align their pensions with our climate commitments. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm cross-party support for climate action, and allow the MPs Pension Fund to set a positive example on managing climate risk and responsible investment for all of our pensions.

Email your MP today asking them to join the campaign to divest the MPs pension fund.

More information and resources:

Over the next 8 months, we’ll be building the campaign and making sure MPs over the country will be visited by constituents, hearing about divestment and signing up to take part.

If you’d like to be part of the dynamic volunteer campaign team driving the project forward, now’s the time to get involved – find out more here and apply to join the team. We’re inviting people from across the country, and believe having a range of skills, experiences and backgrounds improves our work.

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