“Let us build bridges rather than barriers, openness rather than walls. Rather than borders, let us look at distant horizons together in a spirit of acceptance, helpfulness, cooperation, peace, kindness and especially love.” – Martin Luther King

This Friday 20th January, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States, on the back of a hate-filled and divisive campaign that reflects a worrying rise of the far-right across may parts the world.  This cannot go unchallenged.  

On Friday, together, people right across the UK will take to bridges to send a simple, hopeful and unmistakable message: we must build bridges, not walls, for a peaceful and just world rid of oppression and hatred.

The politics of isolation and scapegoating undermine the very fabric of a peaceful and just society. It leaves those already struggling for freedom from hatred and discrimination facing intensified oppression and violence. History has shown us where hatred and division can lead. That’s why we mustn’t stay silent. We mustn’t let this be normalised.


Over the last few weeks some amazing organisations confronting racism, xenophobia, misogyny, bigotry, corporate power, fossil fuel extractivism and many forms of oppression have formed a powerful coalition around ‘Bridges not Walls’.

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, let’s stand together on bridges across the country with our messages of solidarity and defiance – join one of over 50 events planned!

Simply write your message and take it to a bridge near you. Use the registration link above to put your bridge on the map and let others know when to join you, plus you can access practical guides, support and a budget for banners!

In London we’ll be dropping huge banners from 9 iconic bridges over the Thames in a pledge to stand up to racism, islamophobia, homophobia, bigotry and in defence of our civil liberties and the environment; and there are tens of other banner drops registered around the country so far.

Join us on Friday at a bridge near you, or add your own message!

We must not let the anger caused by rising inequality, a global financial crisis and unaccountable corporate elites be turned on our fellow citizens. We’ll stand together.

This is a moment to show solidarity with those who will be hit hardest by Trump, and a commitment to challenge hatred and oppression here in the UK and around the world. Because the future is ours to shape.

Lets us start conversations where we are. Let us champion unity over division. Let us build bridges not walls.

Bridges Not Walls partners:

Advocacy AcademyAgainst Borders for SchoolsArgentina Solidarity CampaignArt Not OilBlack Activists Rising Against the CutsCampaign Against the Arms TradeConcrete HistoryDemand Energy EqualityDisabled People Against CutsDivest LondonFaith MattersFossil Free UKFuuseGlobal Justice NowHope Not HateJawaabLesbians and Gays Support the MigrantsMigrants OrganiseOne Day Without UsPeople & PlanetProgressive Science InstituteRacial Justice NetworkReclaim the PowerUK Youth Climate CoalitionWolf WhistledWomen’s March on London