Wow – what a day! I’ve been roaming the streets of London with the Fossil Free Bloc since 10am – the numbers and the energy of people there was truly inspiring. Here’s a bit of a run down.

The day kicked off with divestment actions at UCL and LSE.

15307442665_a801e67f45_k     IMG_7864

Meanwhile the British Museum was being subject to its own Deepwater Horizon oil spill in protest about BP sponsorship.


Then, we rallied together at Kings College London to form the Fossil Free Bloc. Joined by student, health and faith divestment campaigns from all around the country, BP or Not BP’s Viking Ship, Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution crew and many more.

IMG_7962  PCM Sam-14

And off we marched, with the indefatigable ‘Rhythms of Resistance’ beating some tub-thumping tunes as 40,000 of us took over the streets of London.

IMG_8222   IMAG0047

And there were the massive carbon bubbles, bouncing their way along and march, highlighting the insanity of investing in fossil fuels.

IMG_8112 PCM Sam-38  PCM Sam-26

And oops, we might have lost one…(into the House of Commons)!

IMG_8254    IMG_8247

And then, to top it off, a break-away visit to Conservative Party HQ to remind them of the “greenest government ever” ‘promises’ and demand action not words!

PCM Sam-64

All in all, an unbelievably inspiring day (more photos here), and incredible stories from the rest of the 27 UK actions (and the world!) are still flooding in! Don’t forget to upload your photos to the reportback page so we can all share the magic, and check them out here.

Today we were upbeat, and we were powerful, and it gives me incredible hope for the battle ahead.