What a weekend.

Since our Show the Love mobilisations for divestment kicked off on Friday morning, we’ve seen over 50 actions targeting universities, banks, pension funds, councils and more across the whole country. It’s been our biggest ever mobilisation for divestment and it speaks for itself – take a look!

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The weekend began with medical campaigners becoming ‘guerilla projectionists’ – projecting infographics about climate change and health onto the Wellcome Trust, calling on them to ‘do no harm’ and divest. On Friday, students from UCL, SOAS and LSE carried a 300 METRE LONG red line banner from campus to campus in London.

Later, students across the country stood in solidarity with front lines communities and occupied five branches of Barclay’s – one of the biggest investors in Columbian coal mining and British fracking. Friday also saw action in West Yorkshire – activists from Divest WYPF donned mops and buckets to ‘clean up’ dirty pension fund investments in Bradford.

We’ve also seen props galore – in Manchester on Saturday activists took to the streets with a giant dinosaur, while in Hastings – there was a tug of war between planet earth and the fossil fuel industry. In London on Sunday, activists surrounded City Hall with a ‘Divestment Flotilla’ to highlight the contradictions between flooding impacts and fossil fuel investments across the capital.

That’s just a small taste of the weekend – for more, check out this album of photos, People & Planet’s #fossilfreefriday round-up and the Fossil Free UK Twitter.
Thanks to everyone who got stuck in at the weekend – we’re building an incredible movement.
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