Great news: 100 cross-party MPs have now pledged to divest the MPs pension fund from fossil fuels!

And the MPs taking us over the 100 mark? None other than Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

We’re sharing the news on the two year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, as world leaders including Theresa May are gathering once again – for a ‘Finance and Climate’ summit. But there’s a gulf between actions and words. That’s why activists and economists alike are uniting in their call for ‘not a penny more’ to fossil fuel companies.

100 MPs is a massive milestone, but we don’t intend to stop there. If your MP hasn’t signed yet, send them a message and ask them to sign.

Check if your MP has joined and email them now.

Since the Divest Parliament volunteer team sat down together for the first time earlier this year, the momentum has been incredible. Thousands of constituents have emailed and met with their MPs to pushed them to action.

The political significance of our parliamentary pension funding cutting their ties with the fossil fuel industry would be huge. 100 cross-party MPs standing behind this call is an amazing campaign moment, and progress to really celebrate.

So far the pension fund has been responding slowly to MPs demands. Today could change that.

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In 2018, we’ll be building our movement and piling on the pressure – if you’d like us to do a Divest Parliament training session in your area, please do get in touch –

This is a huge moment, let’s make the most of it.