The following ideas have been agreed as the strategic principles of Youth > Fossil Fuels. To be listed on the website, the people involved in actions need to agree and adhere to these points:

Commitment to bold, escalated action: We commit to planning and participating in action that is both visionary and confrontational. The fossil fuel industry won’t release its stranglehold on our future, our institutions, or our political system without a fight. This spring we are committing to non-complacency in a corrupt industry by planning strategic, bold action on our college and university campuses.

Tactical discipline and a commitment to nonviolence. In order to make our demands clear and keep each other safe in action we are committed to remaining disciplined and nonviolent. We are committed to planning our actions in advance, training ourselves and other participants, and all agree to a set of action agreements. Due to inequities in the world, when we break discipline in action we put members of our group in unsafe and inequitable levels of harm and punishment, and we are committed to acting as a community that creates space for all individuals to participate safely, with clarity on the level of risk they are taking.

Commitment to moving the public: We are committed to creating actions that speak to a larger audience both on and off campus — not only the people we already know agree with us, but the people who are on the fence and waiting to be called in to support this movement. We know winning on divestment means two things: 1. Winning public support for ending the fossil fuel industry and 2. Building a movement.

Commitment to long haul relationships: Escalation is pathway towards the kind of change we want to see in the world. It is not a single action. We are committed to taking principled action, supporting each other throughout it, and remembering that this is one pivotal moment towards stigmatizing the fossil fuel industry and winning on divestment.