On January 1st, Sweden’s new Climate Act went into effect. It states that all governments need to address the goals of the Paris agreement from now on. That’s great, but failing to deliver on the law doesn’t have any real consequences. That softness is unlikely to change the status quo.

This recent act is a really good illustration of climate politics in Sweden today. There is no shortage of climate declarations, well-intended statements and bold messages from politicians. But when it comes to actual decisions on concrete matters, it’s a different story.

If the climate law were to really have an impact projects like new city highways, the planned fossil gas terminal in Gothenburg and subventions for local airports would be tried in court and then stopped.

So what can a law accomplish when no-one is upholding it? This is where we come in. We will have to become the Climate Police – to take action wherever the law is breached. Otherwise the law will just be ridiculed by the villains.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. And this time it starts with you and me.