The Divest Nobel campaign contributed to Global Divestment Mobilisation by staging a “flood” in Stockholm’s Old Town – right in front of the Nobel museum.

The Old Town is one of the places in the city that are vulnerable to flooding caused by extreme weather events, and in the winter of 2000 the subway was just centimeters from being flooded. Climate change will make extreme weather events more common – and its impacts are already hitting people hard all around the world.

At this crucial moment it would have an important effect if a respected institution like the Nobel Foundation cut it’s ties with the fossil fuel industry. It would help isolate the causes of climate chaos and open the path to a sustainable future.

We asked participants and people passing by to support the campaign by holding a speech bubble with a quote from Alfred Nobel’s last will – “For the greatest benefit to mankind”.

Today, that means taking a firm stand against companies extracting coal, oil and gas.